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The Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP) is a college of higher education with the mission of providing high quality, innovative pharmacy education to improve the general health and well-being of the residents of rural Appalachia. To be true to its mission ACP is establishing a Medication Therapy Management Call Center (MTMC).The MTMC will have a dual purpose, it will serve as an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation site for Pharmacy students and as a resource center to patients and their providers on the proper use of medications and management of chronic disease states to improve health care and enhance student learning

Inappropriate medication use or lack of medication use by patients (due to poor adherence or compliance) costs the health care system 100 billion dollars annually and results in 1.5 million adverse events per year. It is also responsible for 1 in every 6 hospital admission. The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates that health plans offer their members Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in an effort to improve quality of care and to reduce cost of care. CMS requires that every member be offered MTM in the form of Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) annually and to be offered a Targeted Intervention Programs (TIP) every quarter.

The demand for MTM services in the future will increase dramatically due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the implementation of Star Rating by CMS which rewards health plans who receive 3 out of 5 stars with extra incentives. Pharmacists being the most trusted and accessible members of the health care team are in a unique position to provide MTM (Both TIPs and CMRs)

Despite the huge demand for MTM services only 30% of eligible patients receive TIPs and only 5% receive a CMR. The reason for this is in part because pharmacists lack either the time and/or training to provide MTM services, or because patients lack interest and/or motivation to keep appointments with pharmacists

The ACP MTMC is addressing the issues by partnering with pharmacists, health plans, national MTM vendorsĀ and community stakeholders to provide support for MTM services. We will support pharmacists by providing free training to their staff and by offering to complete TIPs and CMRs on their behalf. We will support health plans by engaging their members in MTM by utilizing telemedicine, patient portals, and electronic medical records. The ACP MTMC will support MTM vendors by completing unfinished MTM claims by their existing network of pharmacists and by decreasing the burden of chronic diseases in our communities by providing MTM, using Telemedicine and by providing patient education

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